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I have put this web site together mainly for my mother to keep track of her favorite son but also for the rest of our family, friends and those interested in our Alaska lifestyle. We are just an ordinary family who have taken advantage of living in an extra ordinary State, Alaska.

What we have accomplished in Alaska is from our desire to enjoy and experience what is Alaska!
                                                                                                               The Last Frontier, enjoy.
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The latest from Bruce & Diana
It's been a busy summer in Alaska for Diana and I, as usual. After putting Morning Dove in dry storage for the summer in San Carlos Mexico Leslie and I bused north to Tucson and I headed home to Alaska.
May 18 I started initial training with Rust's Flying Service. I'll be flying a DHC-2 Beaver and C-206 on floats for the summer flying Tourist; fishing, bear viewing and sightseeing around Mt McKinley, Prince William Sound, Katmai and our local area. Great fun showing off the great State of Alaska, after 40 years flying here I know a bit about  Alaska. Plus I've been using Google a lot.
Rust's is getting their money's worth, flew 110 hours in June and 130 in July. As August starts is't busy but I expect flying to taper off after the 20th, with luck it will be a 100 hour month. My contract with Rust's is through the end of August and flying as needed in September.

A milestone in my career as a pilot this July. November 2014 marked 50 years since my 1st solo in Dad's C-140 at Palo Alto Airport on my 16th birthday.  July 21 at an FAA Awards ceremony I received the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award, 50 years as a licensed pilot. Mom, Josh and Grace spent a week in July with us and were present. Great to have Mom there as she was 50 years ago.

Our C-185 is on floats for the summer, not much time to fly it though. Flew Josh and Grace to the Sound for Halibut fishing in Sheep Bay, had a great time but no fish that day, that's fishing... Diana and I have some trips planned for August and possibly hunting in September.
I've been putting together a timeline for sailing and should have it posted on the web site by the end of August. As it stands now planning November 1st to Tucson then San Carlos for boat chores, new auto pilot, watermaker and various repairs. Tucson for T-day with Cathy, Tom, Mom, Diana and Josh family. I'll be home for December then back to the Dove. Leslie and I will splash then sail the Baja, planning into Puerto Vallarta  by February 15th. February 27 to Anchorage for the Iditarod and back to the boat by March 15th. Were planning to depart for French Polynesian about March 20th.
We will be participating in the Puddle Jump sailing rally crossing the South Pacific, The Rally is sponsored by Latitude 38. I'm planning to attend crossing seminars in Puerto Vallarta before we sail. Expecting 3 weeks, 2700 miles, to the Marquesas Islands, arriving about April 10. Then 700 miles to Tahiti exploring the Islands and culture along the way. Should be in to Tahiti by May 1. I'll put the Dove up to be home in Alaska for the summer of 2016 and another year flying for Rust's.


September 2014:
    This summer has flown by in record time. Arrived home in June with a hole in the ground where our hangar use to be. Diana's summer project, build a new hangar. I've gone from sailor to iron worker as we erect a 45x32 metal hangar. Still managed time to fish Newhalen River in Iliamna, fly to the Eberhardt Homestead in Fairbanks. With the hangar finished the end of September, flew to Tucson and drove south for a week working On Morning Dove, getting her ready for winter sailing in the Sea of Cortez. Right now I'm working in the C-185, extensive annual, cracks in the tail and re-skinning the horizontal stabilizer, it will take me into November. Planning back to San Carlos and sailing after the holidays.
  Sailor/Iron worker       3 months from foundation to finish         August in Fairbanks               Moose in the garden
November 2013 to May 2014. The Blog 6 months and 5000 miles.  Home for the summer. The Blog has my 6 month adventure from the Chesapeake bay to San Carlos
   Mexico, check it out. I had planned to sail to Hawaii this summer but summer in Alaska, I couldn't it pass up, plus Diana had a hangar project.
   Sailor to Iron worker
   2013 begins a new phase for Diana and I. We purchased SV Morning Dove, an 46' AMEL Ketch SV Morning Dove.
   I will be dividing my time between Alaska, sailing and  flying.
Flying for the Iditarod Airforce 2012, Follow this link for all videos from Iditarod 2012.
   Bruce and Diana support the Last Great Race, Iditarod.
   This year flying their Cessna 185 on skis and a restored Cessna 182.
                        Bruce & Diana flying the 747 together, 1st flight                                  Bruce retires, last flights with Diana
                   Moose Hunting the Yukon River 2012                                                          Grayling fishing the Upper Chena River

                              Fishing with Grace and Josh for Sockeye Salmon on the Newhalen River in Iliamna Alaska

       Grace gets a tour of the 747 with Bruce & Diana
    Flying for the Iditarod Airforce 2011, Bruce and Diana take turns flying their Cessna 185 supporting Iditarod.
         Follow this link for videos from Iditarod 2011
  BVI January 2011
                     The Youmans and Moroney's, A week sailing in the British Virgin Islands
Highlights 2010:
New Years Trip:  Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Fiesta Bowl
Diana and I flew south for a New Years celebration. Ringing in the new year under the Space Needle with  fireworks and 100,000 of our best friends.
New Years day in Las Vegas at the Bellagio and "O". A pleasant drive south to Lake Havasu and a night with Josh, Casey and the grand kids, Grace, Christopher and Caden. Then off to Phoenix with Josh and Casey to meet up with Cob, Kim and 70,000 football fans in the Fiesta Bowl!
The whole reason this New Years adventure came about was Boise State Broncos wining their 2nd Fiesta Bowl bid. Cob and crew are ardent supporters and Diana and I had to come and be apart of the history and it was. In an exciting game to the end, Boise beat Texas Christian University 17 to 10, remaining undefeated for the season, GO BRONCOS!!
Highlights 2009:
September: Reno Air Races.  Fly low, fly fast, turn left. more...!  
2004 was our last visit to Reno for the Air Races. Ever September we watch the races through our computer and news reports, wishing we were there. This year we made the pilgrimage.
           2009 Unlimited Gold winner, 22 year old Steve Hinton in P51D Strega 491mph                Dan Davidson join Diana & Bruce      
June: The Youmans are back! more...!
Kodiak & Afognak Islands and Fish, Fish and more Fish... June 2007 was their last visit and we found fish but not enough for Terry's liking!
           Alison, Bruce & Diana enroute Afognak Island                                         Sockeye (Red) Salmon                                                     Paul Gebheart's B&B Kasilof
April: Paris 2009! more...
We headed off for an April vacation to Luxembourg and Paris. So far all has worked according to plan. After Diana finished work on Friday, we jump-seated on a Fed-Ex plane to Memphis, then Northwest to Huntsville. Got a bit of rest then our next leg was in style aboard an Atlas 747-400. First class seating all the way to Luxembourg. Here in time to walk around the city and take a short tour by bus. A wonderful and relaxed dinner at a sidewalk cafe ended the day... Paris 2009!
   Cathedral De Notre Dame                        Our Hotel Luxembourg                  What a view                               Renoir Museum d'Orsay 
                                                             The City of Lights from the Eiffel Tower
March: Iditarod.
25 Years, This year marks our 25th. Diana's first Iditarod 1984 and the first year I flew support for the Last Great Race, in a 1063 180, N2162Z. A lot of trail miles have past for Diana and I running our dogs to Nome, 10 Iditarods for Diana and 2 for me. Plus over 2000 hours Flying support for the IAF (Iditarod Air Force).
            Race start Anchorage                                  Chris Beck, G-kids and Me                            Karin and crew Nome finish
     Highlights 2008:
October - Monday Night Football: Bruce, Diana, John & Sarah, head to Nashville for Monday Night Football. Tennessee Titans hosting Indianapolis Colts. Great game till the 4qt when the Titans roared ahead to win. After the game downtown for great music and packed clubs till 2am!
             Crossing the Cumberland River to LP Stadium         Dejected Colts fans, Titans undefeated 7-0      John & Sarah with the  Bethel Newspaper
August September: Salmon Fishing Hells Hole, Halibut in the Sound and Moose Hunting the Yukon: Our summers might be short but with endless daylight, our aircraft geared and gassed up, a vast wilderness to explore, the possibilities are endless and exciting. More On The Wing
    Malia's Coho catch            Fishing off the Floats                     Bob and our Halibut haul                              Cory Eberhardt and a monster 64"
August: Mom's 80th: The Moroney's all converged on Placerville California for our latest family reunion and to celebrate Mom's upcoming 80th. A day of Golf, picnicking, winery indulging and a trip to Tahoe was all crammed to a long weekend. Ending with a catered party at Brookstone winery, complete with Bagpipes.
    On the Course                      Grace at Tahoe                    Kaise and Josh                                   The descendants                                   Look who's 80!
    A spring trip on the Alaska Railroad: Diana and I have been in Alaska for over 30 years and we were embarrassed to say we had never taken a trip on the Alaska Railroad! Love those Airline Miles. Mom escaped the early 100'f heat in Eldorado Hills on an Alaska Airlines First Class seat North. Diana had planned a trip for the 3 of us on The Alaska Railroad from Anchorage to Denali Park for over night stay and return.  Mom arrived while I was on a short trip so to fill Mom's time Diana had a round of golf planned. I told Diana I didn't think that was such a good idea, Mom's almost 80, she needs to be around for he 80th birthday bass in August! Friday morning they awake to rain. Diana insist the weather will be fine and there off to Moose Run for a round. A bucket of balls at the range then off to the first hole. The rains stopped and the sun came out and according to Mom she did pretty good for an old gal, completing 9 holes. Spring in Alaska, it's lush and green with the leaves just out, still a bit cool but just after a rain Diana and Mom had the golf course to them selves and had a blast.

I arrive home midnight Friday with Mom and Diana abusing the Hot Tub with wine and their female talk, good thing I wasn't around, gave Mother and Daughter In law time together and from the look of it they had fun. I tucked them in for the night!

Saturday a recovery day. Actually the girls went shopping, a little bit of everything and flowers for the garden. Bed early for our 6am get up to catch a train.
   Mom & Diana at Moose Run                      Sneaking up to the doom car                          Alaska Railroad                                      Moose Calf

All Aboard was the call and on our way North. 8 hours through some of the most spectacular scenery crossing rivers and valleys to Denali. We say Moose, Black Bear, Owls, Eagles and Fox. Diana's sister Deb meant us in Denali where we stayed at the Denali Cabins. Dinner and an evenings reveling and the next days 8 hours back to Anchorage.

The Youmans fly North: June 21st Terry, Allison, James and Mom flew to Alaska to experience the Land of the Midnight Sun. 21st of June, the longest day of the year. It was 10 days of family, flying, fishing and late nights enjoying Alaska's summer.  More On The Wing
          A rewarding day in Seward                                      Flying to the Yentna River                  At a friends Yentna River cabin for some King fishing
Diana and I arrived back home May 3rd. 81 hours of flying to the Bahamas and back, what a fantastic trip we had. Were both looking forward to a fun summer of flying Alaska and this year our Cessna 185 will be on floats. Back to work for a few weeks. May 23rd We married our Cessna 185 to EDO 2960 floats.
                   More On The Wing
               Ready the hoist                                 Grant Aviation hanger                              Amber Lake
Alaska to the Bahamas, it's been year in the planning and were off. Diana and I are flying South and East, Sun n Fun in Florida then Island hopping the Bahamas... Were Here Sun n Fun
           Sun n Fun 3 days                 Flying in to Biminis Islands                 It's a vacation                              Kim & Bruce
   Highlights 2006:
With the skis stored for another winter and a new belly pod installed and full of fuel Diana and I took off from
Birchwood in the Cessna 185 at 5am April 15. We were headed for sun, warm water and cold margaritas, Baja
             The Tip of Baja                                         Fishing, Sea of Cortez                               Cold Margaritas
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