Ophir Runway
First ski tracks at Rohn check point



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Iditarod 2012
Bruce & Diana Moroney


This page contains all of my Iditarod Airforce 2012 video's and flying logs.

The most recent are at the top of this page.


                                                                      Iditarod Airforce Part 13
  Last day of flying for Diana, Unakleet, Elim and on to Nome for a crab feast and home to Anchorage tomorrow



          Iditarod Airforce Part 11                                                           Iditarod Airforce Part 12
   Diana gets the 185 flying after maintenance                             Diana Fly's to Kaltag and Galena


Thursday day 5. With all the teams through Rohn it's time to clean out the checkpoint. Diana landing the Cessna 185 at Rohn then Nikolai to pick up this years first scratch team. Bruce is flying the Cessna 182 to Ruby and on to Unakleet, pizza at Peace On Earth and the northern lights.

 Note: There will be a break in video postings. I've been doing the editing and will be gone for a week. Diana will continue videoing, I will edit and post the second half of Iditarod 2012 when I return.         


      Iditarod Airforce Part 9                                                         Iditarod Airforce Part 10

    Thursday day 5, Diana flying Cessna 185 to Rohn                     Bruce flying the Cessna 182 to Ruby



Tuesday, day 3 of Iditarod and got in a full day of flying. With the Monday snow day were behind getting support people out to the checkpoints so it's a busy day flying. 2 trips to Cripple in deep snow and a quick trip to Takotna and lunch. Ended the day with Diana watching Aliy Zirkle, first teem into McGrath, It's a dog race and the first teams will reach Cripple, half way Wed night. Wed day 4 more flying and then Diana fly's 50Z.


         Iditarod Airforce 2012 part 7                                           Iditarod Airforce 2012 part 8

Monday in McGrath was overcast with snow forecasted. With lots of flying ahead of us we launched early but only 2 aircraft made it back before the weather closed in. By 11am it was a blizzard with 1/2 mile vis. No let up is expected till tomorrow, it's a snow on Iditarod for the Airforce. Snow machines are taking a Vet and Judge to Nikolai so were covered till tomorrow. First teams should reach Nikolai mid day tomorrow. part 6

Willow restart was a perfect day for a dog race. Diana helped with the start. I talked with Mushers, watch the teams head to Yentna then loaded up and flew to McGrath and watched the sunset flying across the Alaska Range part 5.


    Iditarod Airforce part 5                                                                   Iditarod Airforce 2012 part 6


Diana and I were in the pit's for race day and visited with Mushers and watch the teams sprint out the gate and head to Nome.


     Iditarod Airforce 2012 part 3                                                               Iditarod Airforce part 4

Load out starts 2 weeks before Iditarod with 27 pilots and their ski aircraft flying supplies into remote checkpoints in preparation for race start March 3rd in downtown Anchorage.

For the Iditarod Airforce Iditarod 2012 started in December with meeting and preparations to support the 2012 run from Anchorage to Nome the first week of March. Planning logistics, scheduling training and flying fuel and other support for the volunteer trail breakers who are on the trail weeks ahead time, clearing brush, building bridges and forging the toughest part of the trail through the Alaska Range.

             Iditarod Airforce 2012 part 1                                                      Iditarod Airforce 2012 part 2




The right of spring for many Alaskan's is the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. On the first Saturday each March, teams of one musher and 16 dogs each, head off on the Last Great Race, 1049 miles across Alaska, from Anchorage to Nome. Iditarod counts on thousands of volunteers to pull of the logistics needed to support a race across 1049 miles of Alaska winter wilderness, where there are no roads. The Iditarod Airforce and it's volunteer pilots are a key part.

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