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2005 The Trail to Nome

           Since 1983 Diana and Bruce have been involved in running and flying Iditarod.

This page will highlight Diana's 10 Iditarods and 20+ years running and Bruce's 1994 and 2001 races.


Diana Moroney: Iditarod -1984 - 1986 - 1990 - 1993 - 1994 - 1995 - 1996 - 1998 - 2002 - 2005:
Diana completed in her first Iditarod in 1984 and over 21 years competed 10 times. Diana has competed in countless other Sled Dog Races, Yukon Quest, Kusko 300, Kobuk 440, Copper Basin 300, Bear Grease 500, Hope race US to Russia, Klondike 300, Tustimina 200, Kinik 200, Montana Creek Classic and many other race events.
2004 - 2005 racing season

Summer 2004, decision time. We still have a kennel of some 30 plus dogs, an expensive hobby if there are no racing plans. Diana decides the 2005 Iditarod will be her last run to Nome. 23 years 10 Iditarods and countless other races, this would be Diana's last...

The key to succeeding in Iditarod is the months of training and preparation. This means support and help training. Diana and I are both working full time, past Iditarods showed us we didn't have time to properly train a team. Help came in the way of Karin Hendrickson. Karin wanted to learn more about dog training and we needed a dog handler. Karin moved in for the winter and we began our 7 day a week training,  we had a great time working hard preparing for the 2005 race. When I was home each day usually ended with a great dinner.

By December Diana and Karin were running long distances and mid distance races. With Karin's help Diana had the key strong training regime and the beginning of a great friendship. The Tustimina 200 was our first race of the season and for Karin her first Iditarod qualifier and a great learning experience. Karin finished the race 24th with a healthy team and in great spirits. Less than 3 months till the Last Great Race.

We worked hard getting these puppies ready, especially Karin. February I loaded up 12 dogs in our Cessna 185 and flew 2 1/2 hours to Bethel and the Kuskokwim 300. It was a cold race as the K-300 usually is, 300 miles in 3 days, clear and cold, 0-30f and the wind never stops. Diana finished 15th on a cold -20f morning as the sun was just coming up. This was the last race before Iditarod, a successful tune up.

This years Iditarod brings our two passions together. Double the adventure but an extra dimension of work. Diana will run of course run the dogs 1049 miles and I fly the trail in support of the race with the Iditarod Airforce. Were both looking for to a exciting trail.

Food drop, the last hurdle, putting over 2000lbs of meat, fish, dog food and gear together, organized and shipped out. I takes all the people we can muster a week of cutting, bagging, cataloging and stuffing Diana drop bags. Thursday we load the truck and into food drop.

    Flying the team to Bethel                            Headed to the K-300 start               Race start on the Kuskokwim River             K-300 finish

Iditarod begins at the first day of training but the fun begins Thursday before the race. Musher meeting, where the Mushers meet after a year of training and here what 1049 miles of trail has shaped to over the winter. It's great to visit old friends and meet the Rookies and have lunch with the Iditarod riders. Thursday night the Musher Banquet and a evening in the spotlight signing autographs and meeting the fans, the excitement builds. Friday for us is kennel day, friends and volunteers visit the dogs, we tell stories play tapes of past races and try not to think about the two weeks ahead crossing Alaska's wilderness and what lies ahead.

                 Last Training run                                             Food Drop                               Visiting with fans                           Visiting the kennel

It's race day. None of us sleep well, too much stress, will the truck start, will we get a flat, will the dogs even run! Downtown Anchorage 4th Ave. With thousands on hand, television and media it's race day and we can't wait to get on the trail. Diana with the team and me in the airplane, doing what we have been preparing all winter for.

Copper Basin 300-Feb                Tsiu and Dutch on the trail                        Trail to Iditarod               Tsiu and Diana at the finish in Nome



                                                                       June 2005
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